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Live Fleet Video Cameras & Tracking

TTI is proud to offer customers the ability to not only have live monitoring of any camera in the fleet but also to offer live vehicle tracking as well...a 2 in 1 solution. For our Canadian customers we use Rogers and in the USA T-Mobile networks. Ideal for trucking, school bus and commercial fleet applications.

View Live Video Streaming

How does it work

The Buddy BX4 and now our new Buddy BX4 HD have built in 3G and 4G modems. connecting via a SIM data plan we connect the DVRs to our servers so you can login remotely and view and manage your entire fleet, whether it be a few vehicles or hundreds.

Live fleet video tracking
See and track your fleet

Monitor on-board activity from anywhere

Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can access live camera footage and fleet management from any Internet-connected device anywhere in the world. TTI has secure data servers in North America and in Europe so we have full control and security of your information.

Live Accident Alerts

The G-sensor within the DVR sends a live alert to your PC when it detects harsh braking or an accident. Video footage prior and during the event can then be downloaded remotely

Live GPS Tracking

Track where your fleet is, speed etc and location of incidents. You can also geo-fencing areas. Simply place a shape on the map or areas you want to know when a driver enters. i.e lets say you want to know when a driver reaches his will then get an alert that they arrived,,or if there are no go zones 

Unique Dual-Streaming Technology

You never have to sacrifice the quality of your recorded video for the privilege of streaming it live. A second low-res video stream suitable for cellular networks is used for live streaming


Full driver reports

Not only does the onboard video device collect video data it also gives you insight into driver behaviour, idling, speeding infringements etc. 

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