Mobile Video Cameras & Fleet Safety Technologies

TTI Teltrack Technology Inc.

Driver Fatigue Technology

Driver Fatigue Monitor BX688 is a Driver and Vehicle Safety Product which can accurately predict and warn driver's if they start to fall a sleep at the wheel. It can also connect with GPS and send fatigue information to a fleet management center for proactive intervention if required.

The BX688 is installed in the vehicle not on the driver. The system is fully automatic, with no calibration or

setup process required, meaning no additional driver training or changes to standard operating procedure.

The BX688 operates invisibly to the driver, and does not change or impact the driving task in any way.

When the infrared camera/sensors simply monitor your pupil's changing characteristics, it never sleeps, blinks or takes a break, and when you start exhibiting unsafe sounds an alarm. Moreover, because we monitor the person and not the road, it works regardless of weather or roadway conditions; fog, snow, rain on and off highway. Off highwayincludes Maritime, farming, mining etc. anywhere a helmsman, or equipment operator is susceptible to fatigue.

Fleet Management Integration

In addition to in-cab feedback, the BX688 can be integrated into fleet management. The data relating to fatigue and distraction events can be stored for later analysis, or critical data can be sent directly via GPRS or Satellite to provide real-time information to fleet management. Event reporting allows managers to pinpoint issues within the fleet and address these specifically.