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Driver Behaviour Scoring

Now fleet owners, Insurance companies and drivers can evaluate live their driver behaviour and tendency for risky driving.


  • Insight into driver behaviour
  • Drivers can have a smartphone app to see their own scores and performance
  • Easy to setup and use via web portal
  • No contracts, stop at anytime 
  • Just $8 per driver per mth
  • Free month trial

Install Types

 OBD Data Logger
 Smartphone App
 The On Board Diagnostics (OBD) data logger installs into the vehilce within seconds and is unseen by the driver. So if you want to monitor the fleet without the drivers using a smartphone app then the OBD Datalogger is the solution

Hardware Required: OBD Datalogger: One time cost $130 per vehicle
Dataplan and online portal reports: $18 per mth

Install our free app onto the drivers smartphone and start receiving live data to the online data portal. The driver also sees in realtime their own scoring, see their ranking within the fleet and trips made that shift. This allows the driver to proactively change their driving behaviour

Hardware Required: Not required
Extra Dataplan: Not required
Portal Reports: $8 per driver

OBD for driver behaviour score
Smartphone app showing Driver Behaviour score

Why are we different?

Most Driver Behavior solutions on the market are what we call Trigger based...they rely on a G-Sensor or an event to log any data...however we believe they provide poor and inaccurate data to base your business decisions on because of the following:

Trigger based systems: 

The Issues: 

* Driver Risk Assessment scoring doesn’t begin until an actual trigger point is exceeded. 

* Can only be a disciplinary focused tool since it cannot accurately rate the complete performance of a driver and point out the good/great drivers 

* Can’t properly compensate for larger vehicles – their only option to compensate for heavier vehicles is to reduce the sensitivity of the trigger levels? 

* Can’t properly compensate for speed? - it is easier to exceed trigger levels at low speed, but yet high speeds create 4 x the energy 

* Can’t properly compensate for the actual severity and duration of a g-force event? – trigger based systems are two dimensional in that they can only determine that a trigger level has been exceed, it can’t distinguish between a tap of the brakes or a slamming on your brakes/skidding event that actually lasts a few seconds. 

* Any version of a “scoring” system/engine can only be based on the tallying of those events per driver? This does not give a complete picture of a driver’s actual performance behind the wheel. 

* Are they compensating the “event count” scoring with actual miles driven? - If they are tallying events to generate a score, they have to compensate for the number of miles driven as well (example = driver A – 40 events per 1000 miles, driver B – 30 events per 100 miles) 

* Can’t provide a true ranked list of the best drivers in a fleet? – Why, because they can only 

Minimum Requirements to even produce quality event triggering: 

* Self-Orientating Device or a Zero G bias adjustment? – needed to insure install positioning is properly compensated for accurate triggering. Mounting position has to be perfect without this. 

* Vector based triggering? – for accuracy of triggering events that occur between the X and Y axis’s (off center or at the corners of the vehicle)

What we do differently? 

* Per-second driver assessment scoring – we aren’t waiting for a trigger level to be reached to begin assessing. 

* We measure the vehicle’s actual energy displacement each second the driver is behind the wheel. Put quite simply, it is like measuring the amount of movement a passenger’s head would have in that driver’s vehicle each second they are driving. Aggressive/Distracted drivers cause a movement to the passengers! 

* Algorithmic Compensations are then applied to that per-second data 

o Weight of the vehicle 

o Speed at time of g-force reading 

o Actual miles driven 

o Severity/magnitude of an event 

o Duration of an event 

This is what truly makes the data so accurate and a true representation of a driver’s actual performance each second they are behind the wheel 

* Accurately identify a distracted driver from an aggressive driver – Thanks to the accuracy of the data being gathered and analyzed, we can accurately determine who is a collision risk and who is essentially an operational efficiency concern. 

* Provide a complete and accurate performance ranking of all the drivers in your fleet – From the absolute worst driver to the absolute best driver, they will have complete picture of how their drivers compare to their coworkers.

Driver Risk scoring
Driver behaviour score

Benefits for fleet owners

. Lower maintenance costs i.e tires, brakes etc

. Can see who your best drivers are and even rank them

. See exactly the driver behaviour of poor drivers and put in place specific targeted training

. Improve fleet safety and reduce insurance premiums

. Easy to see score, no piles of data to analyse

. Easy and simple to implement

Benefits for Insurance Companies

. Can compare different fleet types, regions etc with a simple score..everyone working of the same page. We use different algorithms for different types of vehicles i.e from cars to trucks etc

. Can easily predict risk and exposure to your business 

. Clearly identify great drivers and also poor performing ones

. Easy and simple to implement


Option 1: 

Install a OBD unit on the vehicle, this sends the data diagnostics to our server where we analyse and creating the on line results via a web portal for you

OBD unit $95 each per vehicle (one off cost) installs in seconds

Data plan for OBD and Analysis and report creation $15 per vehicle per month

Option: 2: 

Install our free Smartphone App 

No OBD unit required

No data plan required

Analysis and report creation $6 per vehicle per month

We can also supply a smartphone kit to implement under your app if you have one to run in the background

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