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Buddy BX2 Dash Camera

When looking for a dash camera for your fleet there is a few things you need to consider

1. I the SD card protected with a lock...this stops your drivers, contractors tampering or even removing the SD cards with the saved video stored on it. If the dash camera doe snot have this then its not for for commercial fleets

2. Does the dash camera have the option of adding a second camera. This second camera can be useful in placing at the rear, interior or side of the vehicle..can the second camera be exterior as well as interior?

3. Is the dash camera true high definition? many solution son the market say they are but in reality when you test them they are not

4. Does the dash camera have Park the camera is working when the vehicle is not

Buddy BX2

HD 1080P Dash Camera with front and rear attachable rear view camera ideal for Commercial Vehicles with built in SD card lock, GPS and Wi-fi Function.

The Buddy BX2, our latest Commercial Vehicle Dash Camera with SD card lock, built in high quality GPS, wi-fi wireless connection, app support ios/android system, support front and rear 1080 video, video will be wrote to the SD card and CE,E-MARK approved.

  • HD Video 1080P
  • Lockable SD card for security
  • Supports connecting an additional camera
  • WiFi & GPS
  • G-Sensor & Parking Guard
  • 5-30V
  • Hardwire or cigar lighter jack

Multiple dash camera

Add a second camera to the Buddy BX2 and position either in the rear window, cargo area, rear view, exterior  etc

Tamperproof SD card lock

The unique SD card lock stops drivers from tampering with the saved video on the card. 

Park Guard

Through the App open parking guard, after the vehicle flameout is in the parking guard state, at this time the

recorder detects the vibration will automatically start the video for a period (default 25 seconds). The video

protection will be canceled, if the vehicle starts firing or the power button is pressed manually during the parking

guard video recording. Note: 1) the parking guard can be used only when the car battery is used to

provide the power supply for the recorder. When the dash camera power is supplied by cigar jack, the parking

guard cannot be used because the recorder is completely powered off when the engine is off.