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  1. What is HD

    High-definition video is video of higher resolution than is standard. While there is no specific meaning for high-definition, generally any video image with more than 480 horizontal lines (North America) or 570 lines (Europe) is considered high-definition. 720P scan lines is generally the minimum. The Buddy NightOwl is 1080P and the Buddy range of dash cameras are 720P. The Buddy-i body worn camera is 1080P.

  2. How many hours does a 32GB card hold

    This depends on a number of factors i.e what frame rate, resolution and hours of driving per day you do. In general we say around 5-10 days before the camera automatically starts recording from the start again.

    The camera at the lower resolution 640x480 and 10 FPS (Frames Per Second) uses less than 1GB per hour therefore a 16GB card will last at least 16 hours and a 32GB card at least 32 hours.



    If the camera is set at the highest resolution at the highest 30 FPS, it uses 2.5GB per hour. For 32GB that equates to 12.8 hours.


    We do not recommend the highest FPS. 10FPS at 1280x720 is ideal. This way you get the HD detail needed on the video but it only uses roughly about 1GB per hour. (32hrs of recording on a 32GB)


    So vehicles i.e School bus who go out in the morning for a few hours and then later in the afternoon you can get 5 days, lower the frame rate etc you can get 10days.

  3. Is the GPS data live

    The GPS data that the Buddy range of dash cameras and BX4 captures automatically is not live. This means there is no monthly fees and it is all included free of charge as part of the camera offering. So you are able to see where the vehicle has been on a trial map on Google and Google Earth, see what speed it was travelling at any time on its route, set speed flags, and see heavy braking and inertia alerts. (The Buddy 3G camera system is live tracking)

  4. How to hardwire

    The Buddy NightOwl can be hardwired to the vehicle if required. Order the hardwire connector and attach to a live video cable on the bus. Do not cut off the cigarette adaptor as this also houses the 5V to 12v transformer, The hardwire kit should be connected directly to a live power cable which will make the camera keep on even when the bus is shut down. Ajust the camera settings to activate motion detection...this will mean the camera will go to sleep when the vehilc eis not in use, put will start up if it detects any movement (24hr surveillance). Do not hardwire to a radio or ignition switch

  5. Can I use any SD Card

    No. Because our cameras are High Definition you have to buy a specific type of card. The Buddy range of mobile video cameras only work with top quality professional SDHC memory cards and certain brands upto 32GB. We use the Patriot Memory LX Pro Series Class 10 SDHC memory cards which takes stunning quality high-bitrate video without any pixel or frame losses. The Class 10 rated Patriot Memory LX PRO series obliterates the SD Associations Class 10 performance specification and is capable of delivering twice the classified speed for uninterrupted continuous-mode Blu-ray quality video recording. Offering up to lightning-fast 20MB/s transfer speed ensures the Patriot LX PRO Series SDHC cards are the perfect companion for our Buddy range of mobile video cameras.

  6. What software do I need

    The Buddy NightOwl can be viewed through your PC media player or a VLC player on a Mac. This free and easly obtainable software is ideal for non technical people or for organizations wanting to share video footage across multiple locations.

    The Buddy BX2 and Buddy BX4 comes with their own software which is all pre-installed on the SD card. Just connect the SD Card to your PC or Mac and it automatically loads for you. 

  7. I need Customised Settings

    No problem. We can discuss your requirements and how you want the camera to be used and customize the settings accordingly. For instance frame rates, resolution, time, date, etc.

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  1. Do you expect international orders

    Yes. For orders outside North America (Canada and USA) you can either purchase off our website (Ordering) or we can organise except bank transfers

  2. What comes with my order

    Depending on which product you choose their is a variety of options such as hard wired, direct battery wiring, GPS, bulk head mounts, bash mounts, windshield mounts etc.

    But every order is set-up for you. i.e we charge all the batteries, we format the SD cards, we set time clocks to your area, we set resolution and frame rates to your requirements etc. So when you receive your order you are ready to get started. 

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  1. What hours are you open

    We are open from 8.30am to 5pm Western Pacific time Monday to Friday. Depending on time zones it might be easier for you to contact us via email and we will follow up with you

  2. What if I need support

    No problem. We are here to listen to your requirements and advise on the best solution and configuration for you. Once you receive the camera's we will talk you though set-up and any questions you may have. If in the unlikely event that you have a product issue within the first year we will send a new replacement camera free of charge.

    If you have any questions, no matter how small we are here to answer them.

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