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Why fleet insurance companies should be looking at mobile video cameras

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 2:10 PM

What are the benefits of mobile video cameras for Insurance companies and what should they be looking for?

75% of all trucking accidents are the fault of the car driver. Yet without any evidence most litigation is targeted at the trucking companies themselves.

Mobile video cameras can go beyond just having a dashcamera in the cab pointing at the road. There are so many other benefits..if you thing over 8 billion Euros worth of merchandise is stolen every year in Europe from the back of trucks, never mind all the other accidents invloving property etc.

So what are the benefits for Insurance Companies / Brokers

1. Reduce the claims, increase your profit

2. Insurance Fraud / Staged Accidents

3. Lack of Witnesses / Distraught Drivers

4. False or Exaggerated Claims

5. Poor Driving Habits or Behaviors

6. Reduce expensive & increasing Insurance rates

7. Conflicting Reports of Actual Events

So what mobile video solutions should you be looking at:

Well the obviously one which everyone is aware of is the dash cameras, which are very popular and can be picked-up at the gas station. Many trucking drivers themselves are buying these $99 cameras to protect themselves. However, there are many types out there from high definition, 2 in 1 cameras pointing at the road and the driver etc plus built in passive GPS, G-sensors etc...

Although dash cameras can be a "quick fix" they are very limited on what they can actually capture. Mobile video surveillance can do so much more. For instance, yes have a cameras in the cab pointing at the road, but you can also have them on the side covering blind spots and at the rear..all connected to a monitor in the cab so the driver can see live. When the driver indicates to go right the camera can immediate show on the monitor so they know its safe to turn..avoiding any cars or cyclists coming up on their inside. Also when the truck goes in reverse the backup camera comes on automatically...all this information is saved on to a mobile DVR for playback if an incident happens.

The price of these multi camera systems have come down dramatically in the past year and gives a 360 degree camera view for the driver, thus reducing incidents and thus reducing claims etc

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