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Anti Collision Warning System BX650

In a world where countless road accidents occur every hour, TTi's mission is to help each driver return home safely by providing advanced anti collision warning solutions - (BX650), to reduce the risk of collisions and improve driver and road safety.

The anti collision warning system BX650 combines image identification, risk estimates and other unique algorithms: complying with international traffic laws etc. The BX650 works as a "third eye" to predict the potential crash.

The Sony high definition CCD sensor inside enables the BX650 to detect vehicles and lanes within 100 meters.

With the coordination of the high speed DPS image processing module, it shoots 20 pictures in every second,

calculates the distance of vehicles ahead and road lanes, interprets the data and provides the critical information we use to prevent accidents.

The BX650 is an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that can effectively prevent and mitigate unintended lane departures, tailgating or accidents caused by fatigue and distracted driving.

The BX650 can be both used independently or by combining with your current telematics system. The BX650

provides a perfect solution to help address critical challenges involved in managing your fleet.