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Mobile Video DVR

Buddy BX4 HD - This high performance device offers HD video as well as 2 x SD card memory slots (128GB each). This is a high performance solution looking for the best in class, and yet at affordable pricing. Also compatible with the TTI cloud management portal: USA (T-Mobile) Canada (Rogers). Ideal for trucking fleets, school buses or commercial vehicles.

Mini mobile video recorder
MDVR with tamperproof lock
Connect up to 4 cameras to MDVR
Small and compact MDVR
Online login for vehicle tracking and video

Live Video DVR Option Available

The Buddy BX4 has a Live 3G/4G version at extra cost. The G-Sensor sends live alert to the office (i.e an accident) you can then access the DVR remotely and download the video file showing the incident and also track the GPS route live of the vehicle. SO a 2 in 1 solution..Live fleet tracking and live video - requires the Buddy BX4 3G version of the DVR and data cell plan.

Live viewing of video

Live View in the Cab Eliminate blind spots for the driver - 

The driver can see any of the camera views on a monitor in the cab. If connected to left/right indictors and reverse automatically shows that camera view live on the screen i.e right indictor see the camera view allowing the driver to see the blind spot. No cell data plan required.

An Example of what your system could look like.
You can choose what ever camera configuration you require, up to 4 and any type of camera i.e interior, exterior, Dome, IP69 etc plus add a monitor so the driver can see live what the cameras see//ideal for blind spots, backing up or monitoring your passengers.

Building Your Solution

Step 1 

Buddy BX4 HD

2 x SD card slots (128GB each) and HD video this live video streaming solution on all 4 cameras is the latest in solid state technology.

Mobile video recorder

Step 2: Choosing your camera

HD Exterior Back up camera 

30 Infrared LEDs - Night Vision

140 degree Camera view Area

10G Shockproof Protection

IP 69K Waterproof Camera

IP 69K Waterproof Connectors

Back up camera with IR

HD Rear View Camera 4103

HD Interior Front facing camera

Small and Discreet

170 Degree

Has swivel mount to position to desired angle

Mini forward facing camera
Robust forward facing camera

HD Interior Front Camera 8015

HD Interior Dome camera for Cab or cargo

Infrared LEDs - Night Vision (15m)

140 degree Camera view Area

IP 69K Waterproof Camera

IP 69K Waterproof Connectors

Built in microphone

Mini dome camera with IR
Robust IR dome camera

HD Dome Camera with IR 9803

HD Exterior side cameras

170 degree Camera view Area

Small and discreet

Position on side of vehicles to capture blind spots

IP 69K Waterproof Camera

IP 69K Waterproof Connectors

Side camera with IR built in
Robust exterior side camera

HD Left and Right Side cameras 170 Degree MS303

Other Cameras Available

Have a specific camera requirement please contact us so we can accommodate your requirements

N.B Please ask for our full range of cameras, or if you have a specify requirment

Step 3 - Accessories

Interior 7" or 3" monitor

This rugged monitor can be connected to the Buddy BX4 for live viewing of the cameras. Automatically engages if trigged when vehicle is put into reverse

Panic Button. Allows the Driver to save video segments when ever they feel they need an incident recording and saving on the SD card

Show live in the cab views form the cameras

Key Features

GPS - Passive data synchronised with the video
One of the most important features of the BX series is the data derived from GPS. Time, Date, Vehicle speed, direction of travel, latitude/longitude coordinates, and altitude are all securely saved to a separate log file on the SD card. The PC viewer software provides an easy way to visualize this data and the AVI converter allows this data to be overlaid on the video image, even on a DVD. The data is sampled from GPS satellites once per second, so it is extremely accurate. There is no monthly charge for this feature. (see video clips)

Playback software for Windows OS (XP and up)

The sophisticated, yet user friendly PC viewer software allows you to playback recorded video files from your SD card. The PC viewer software uniquely displays video, GPS data and location, and G-sensor readings, simultaneously. Google Maps is embedded in the user interface and will follow your driving route alongside the video and audio playback. Or if you wish you can view the video via third party software such as Windows Media Player or VLC Media player.

Steel locking case mount
The Steel lockbox adds a layer of security to the BX4 units. Each box has a key lock which prevents tampering of the internal SD card. 

LIVE Video Monotoring

The Buddy BX4 has a Live 3G/4G video version ..Allowing fleet owners to remotely view any camera on any of your fleet in real-time. Also when the G-Sensor detects an accident a live alert is sent to your remote PC...not only that you will also see a 30 second video showing 15 secs prior to the crash and 15 secs during it. Not only do you get the video to see for yourself you will see the time and location of the full control and viability for insurance companies and driver behaviour. (Cell network SIM card required) You also get live video tracking also..ideal for small medium fleet operators.

Integration into Mobile Terminal / Tablets

Do you have a mobile terminal or looking at getting them for your fleet? well the Buddy BX4 can be integrated into it. This means that the camera views can be shown on the Mobile Terminal screen...if you have blind spot cameras or reverse cameras installed when the indictor is engaged the camera view is shown in the cab on the screen. Helping the driver to view blind spots and reduce accidents. This data is also saved on the Buddy BX4 incase evidence is required.

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