Mobile Video Cameras & Fleet Safety Technologies

TTI Teltrack Technology Inc.

Mobile Video Cameras, Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behaviour
Ideal for trucking, school bus and commercial fleets.
Supporting Fleet Owners / Managers / Drivers / with video and data evidence


  • Video evidence of what actually happened
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce litigation & legal costs
  • Improve and enforce safety standards
  • Driver training tool
  • Giving drivers live blind spot views before turning to avoid acidents etc
  • Protecting your drivers & company from false claims


  • Live remote video option of what is actually happening on the road
  • Live remote alerts of speeding violations and heaving braking events
  • Fleet management, see where the fleet location is live etc
  • Fuel efficiency savings
  • Stop moon lighting on company time
  • Driver behaviour reports
  • Geo fencing - alerts of vehicles entering and leaving specified areas

"It just makes good business sense"


Fleet Video Surveillance (historical vehicle tracking)

. HD Mobile Video solutions
. Dash camera with tamperproof lock (Buddy BX2)
. Up to 4 Camera MDVR (Buddy BX4)
. Wi-Fi monitor (with SD card) and up to 4 cameras

Mobile video surveillance software

Live Fleet Video & Live Fleet tracking

. HD Mobile Video solutions
. Live Fleet Video & Tracking Systems
. Live 2 camera dash camera and tracking (Buddy BK6)
. Live up to 4 camera & tracking (Buddy BX4)


Types of Solutions: School Bus Cameras, Cameras for Govt Diplomatic Cars, Truck Fleet Cameras, Heavy Duty Fleet Cameras, Dispatch Vehicle Cameras, Limousine Cameras, if a vehicle moves we can put a mobile video solution onboard.

Live System Key Features

GPS Positioning

Live vehicle positioning function, the map shows the location of the vehicle, vehicle information is displayed in realtime on Google maps etc

Image Capture

Take images of video clips and save to your PC

HD Video Quality

High Definition video recording

3G / 4G Video Surveillance

Through 3G or 4G cellular networks view live any vehicle in the fleet via cloud portal

Vehicle Tracking Playback

Play back the history of the vehicle trajectory, 

the user of the vehicle and driver behaviour

Tamperproof Storage

Protected video storage to stop unwanted access

Download Video Storage

Through the PC remote cloud portal view videos and download the clip to your local PC

Driver Behaviour Reports

Obtain multiple reports of speed violations, driver behaviour, braking etc

Fleet Video Solutions

Buddy BX2 - Unique HD Dash Camera with tamperproof SD card lock, also add additional camera to rear, Wi-Fi, G-Sensor, GPS, up to 128GB SD card etc

WI-FI with unique SD card video recording built into screen. Ideal for fork lift operators, RVs etc

Buddy Live Dash Camera - 1 or two camera solution that connects to the TTI cloud portal for remote viewing and fleet tracking via 3G

Buddy BX4 - Multi camera solution, either Standard video recording onto dual SD cards or you can have Live video with the 3G module version via the TTI cloud portal

Become a TTI partner

If you are a telematics company, wireless provider, independent dealer, systems integrator etc and would like to offer your customers live video, vehicle tracking etc  then TTI offers partners the ability to white-label our services. That is, the name, branding, portal access are entirely configurable for the partner to reflect their ownership of the service. Our name or brand marks do not appear anywhere in the system. It takes just a few minutes to brand the service and you’re ready to go.

For the TTI Hours of Service Gold portal, no software is installed on the partner site (or on the customer’s). TTI is hosted on Microsoft cloud for reliability and capacity. As a partner, you only need to provide the required marketing, sales and customer service training.  

To

Other Solutions

TTI offers a whole portfolio of solutions so if there is something specific you are looking for and you cannot see it on the website then please get in-touch so we can discuss.

  • Wi-Fi forklift truck video cameras with built in SD recording in the screen
  • Live Dash Camera
  • Back up camera kits with monitors
  • Driver behaviour and risk assessment apps
  • Bomb proof cameras for extreme environments i.e mining etc

Customer Examples 

Microsoft Inc video cameras
NYC Taxi and Limousine
IFAW install TTI cameras
US Govt purchases cameras for buses
Creative Bus sales uses TTI cameras
First Group transportation
Whitelands airport shuttles use TTI Video systems


  • PGS360 choices TTI for live fleet monitoring 
  • Creative Bus Sales orders Buddy BX4 for large fleet
  • TTI launches new video and fleet management portal
  • TTI Launches new Buddy BX4 HD with high definition, dual SD card slots and live video
  • Mandates for video recorders on trucks
  • Hereford Insurance teams up with TTI to offer the Buddy DC1 dash camera to its customers
  • TTI offers lease financing for hardware and data plans
  • New asset tracker available, magnetic and can be positioned anywhere on the trailer
  • TTI launches unique dash camera with SD card key lock
  • New innovative Digital wi-fi back up camera - never lose the signal 

Industry Facts

  • Road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person
  • 500,000 truck accidents occur every year in the US
  • More than 75% of truck driving accidents are due to the driver of the passenger vehicle.
  • Theft / Hijacking of trucking fleets costs Europe 8.2B Euros per annum
  • One person is injured or killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes in the U.S

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