Mobile Video Cameras & Fleet Safety Solutions

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Why choose us?

tti was established by a senior manager from Seon Design who understands the importance of high quality, reliable and fully supported mobile video camera solutions that are available at more affordable pricing. This philosophy is allowing tti to expand into international markets and service customers around the world.

It is from this background that tti focuses on providing mobile video systems that are:

Easy to Install, Easy to Use & Easier to Afford:

  • Latest technology - HD quality / clear video capture, & GPS options
  • Video stored on a small SD Card - No video tapes or big hardrive cartridges to carry around
  • Portability - be able to move the camera system to any vehicle in minutes. Add extra bulkhead mounts to every vehicle in the fleet so you can rotate your cameras
  • Easier to afford -  Why pay thousands of dollars for the old big black box DVR's which are outdated from Seon, Angletrax etc and has features you never use, when all you want is quality video at realistic pricing
  • Security - All our solutions protect the SD card video evidence with lockable systems
  • Support - We are here every step of the way to make sure we are your long term business partner
  • Warranty - Full 1 year replacement warranty, no questions asked, will ship a new camera

So why tti?

It just makes good business sense

We are at least 50-65% cheaper than most traditional manufacturers and this is because we have extremely low overheads and we use proven technology. tt-i is then able to pass these savings onto you. All this without compromising on quality, reliability or service.

Customer Support

We understand mobile video surveillance so we try and make our solutions as simple as possible, and when you have any questions we are here to give advice and support

For instance:

  • Where to position / install the camera
  • What settings best suit your situation i.e frame rate and resolution etc
  • How to view the video on your computer
  • 1 year replacement warranty

So we are here all the way to make sure you are happy,  and the camera systems we supply meet your needs and expectations.

"Our approach is about providing simplicity...making the latest mobile video technology Easy to install, Easy to use and Easier to afford."