Mobile Video Cameras & Fleet Safety Solutions

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Dash cameras for Insurance companies.

TTI offers the latest in HD dash cameras and mobile video safety solutions in the industry. By having your clients fit one of our video camera solutions you can reduce your legal costs dramatically, reduce your business risk and increase safety on the roads.


Hereford Insurance in New York is now offering its customers the opportunity of purchasing our Buddy DC1 HD dash camera for just $200 and their clients get a 5% discount every year on their insurance policy.

TTI has set up a dedicated website for this not contact us and see how we can support your insurance business.

Giving Insurance companies / fleet owners the real insight of driver Risk & behaviour
Improve Standards, Safety & Reduce Accidents

TTI offers the latest in driver behaviour and risk assessment technology. Allowing insurance companies to compare drivers no matter what vehicle, mileage etc to give a true score across the whole fleet. Clear information is displayed of the great, ok and those in need of improvement. This allows you to plan for the future risk to your business and take proactive action to minimize it.

The Opportunities

. Reward the great drivers

. Put in training programs for poor drivers

Ajust premiums based on risk and potential risk

. Compare fleets in different areas i.e across a city, vehicle type, geography etc

. No contracts so you can assess a new client with a test for a couple of months

. TTI also specialises in mobile video surveillance so you can also combine with video evidence

Unlike event based scoring systems which only captures data when a threshold has been reached i.e 70mph. our solution takes data from the vehicle regularly such as speed, braking and acceleration so you see how quickly a driver accelerates up to 69mph for instance, and how heavy they brake at speed into bends. TTI offers the fleet owner and insurance companies insight into how aggressive and the risky behaviour drivers are doing on the road.

Benefits for fleet owners

. Lower maintenance costs i.e tires, brakes etc

. Can see who your best drivers are and even rank them

. See exactly the driver behaviour of poor drivers and put in place specific targeted training

. Improve fleet safety and reduce insurance premiums

. Easy to see score, no piles of data to analyse

. Easy and simple to implement

Benefits for Insurance Companies

. Can compare different fleet types, regions etc with a simple score..everyone working of the same page. We use different algorithms for different types of vehicles i.e from cars to trucks etc

. Can easily predict risk and exposure to your business 

. Clearly identify great drivers and also poor performing ones

. Easy and simple to implement


Option 1: 

Install a OBD unit on the vehicle, this sends the data diagnostics to our server where we analyse and creating the on line results via a web portal for you

OBD unit $95 each per vehicle (one off cost) installs in seconds

Data plan for OBD and Analysis and report creation $15 per vehicle per month

Option: 2: 

Install our free Smartphone App 

No OBD unit required

No data plan required

Analysis and report creation $6 per vehicle per month

We can also supply a smartphone kit to implement under your app if you have one to run in the background

Combine with the Buddy DC1 high definition Dash camera

Please get in-touch so we can discuss your requirements in more depth

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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