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Unique HD Tamperproof Dash Camera for Commercial Vehicles

Designed for fleet trucks, taxis, shuttles and school buses 

We've listened to you and are proud to offer our customers the new Buddy Pro series of high definition dash camera that has a tamper proof lock to prevent unauthorized access to the video stored on the SD card. Not only that we now offer a 2 camera version so you can place a second camera anywhere you like in or outside the vehicle.

Easy to use video viewing software

Video Playback software for the Buddy Pro D, showing both cameras and GPS location etc

Buddy Pro S (1 camera)

Buddy Pro D (2 camera)

Tamperproof Dash camera

All in One Plug and play Buddy Pro - S

1 camera dash camera solution which offers 1080P Full HD recording (1920x1080, 30FPS) if you think you might want a two camera solution in the future then please choose the Buddy Pro D

Dash camera  HD video
Internal cab camera
Easy connect second camera

The Buddy Pro D can connect either an internal extra camera or add an external IP69 rated camera

Dash camera that you can add a second camera to

Front camera (1920x1080, 30FPS) / 

Rear (1280x720, 30FPS)

‐ Add‐on secondary camera option: either rear camera or interior infrared camera

  • ‐  Video out: reverse cam view on a reverse gear

  • ‐  External GPS option: over‐ride built‐in GPS

  • ‐  External panic button option

Product features

  • Easy to install – a solid integral unit
  • Tamperproof locking system / compact design Format free
  • Superb video quality for day‐and‐night time recordin
  • Driving behaviour analysis – impact, sudden stop, sudden acceleration, sharp turn and overspeed
  • Clear driver & passenger recognition by inner infrared camera option [Pro ‐ D]
  • Data recovery / password protection / watermar
  • Battery protection
  • Built in GPS and G-sensor
  • Memory card up to 128GB
  • Front Camera angle 165 Degrees

The Buddy Pro series are easy to install (Plug and Play) and is an industry first in offering a high definition dash camera that has a built in lock for commercial fleet operators. the second camera on the Buddy Pro - D can be placed where you like, interior or exterior (waterproof). 

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