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Buddy DC1 - HD Single Dash Camera 1296P

The Buddy DC1 takes dash camera technology to the next level with 1296P high definition video. With a built in 2.4" LCD screen for immediate playback and a 64GB SD card storage for automatic re-looping when the card is full.

The Buddy DC1 also has a built in battery and with our optional wiring kit you can have the Buddy DC1 wired so it keeps recording even if all power in your vehicle is lost in an incident. Ensuring you capture everything during and after the event.

The Built in G-Sensor detects sudden impact etc and automatically saves a video file before and during the incident. With the built in GPS you will see exactly the time an location of the incident also, very important for law enforcement, insurance firms etc.

The video clip below shows you the software to review the video clips on your PC. Obviously we have had to save the video in a lower resolution in order to up load to Youtube. so when viewing on your PC you will appreciate the high definition of the video.

The Buddy DC! truck dash camera

Buddy DC1  - $249 USD plus shipping

N.B Tamperproof

For OEM 500> orders we have a 32GB built in memory version (no SD card required) that is password key required