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Why are School Districts paying so much for their mobile video camera systems?

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 9:50 PM

In our normal lives we see new technology prices reduce over time, so why then are School Districts still paying so much for old DVR camera technology?


Do you remember when the new flat screen plasma TV screens first came on the market and the cost was out of this world, something like $20,000. Today just a few years later you can walk into a shop and get one for just hundreds of dollars.


So why are the traditional mobile video camera manufactuers like Seon, Angetrax, 247 Security etc still able to charge school district from $1000 to $1400 for a 1 camera system that is after all old DVR technology and not HD. These DVR systems are years old and they don't even have High Definition video. All of these DVR's are manufactured in Asia so why haven't the costs come down?


Well most of these manufactuers have actually being reducing their manufacturing costs over the past few years by getting rid of their 1 and 2 camera systems and replacing them with the 4 camera system. This reduces their inventory costs in having to hold multiple DVR options. So they actually offer a 4 camera system even if you only want a 1 or 2 camera system. They will argue well if you need extra cameras then you can add them. The reality is School Districts are paying high premiums for a DVR that has features they will never use. Not many School Bus fleets can afford or have the budget to pay for 4 cameras on every bus, many will never use the wi-fi or dual streaming features because the cost of implement these features are just way to expensive. (Article on the true costs of Wi-Fi and automatic downloading)


For School Bus fleets that are just looking for a 1 or 2 camera mobile video camera solution it just does not make sense to pay over $1000 for a DVR that you are only using at best 50% of its features. So when School Districts write Bid proposals or RFP's for a 1 camera mobile video camera system why does the specification state the need for a 4 camera DVR? is it becuase the maunfactuers are righting the specifications to fit their agenda's?


In these economically challenging times, increased fuel costs, budget cuts etc, can School Districts really afford to pay for product features they are not going to use? and allowing the traditional mobile video manufactuers to dictate the price. Should'nt your mobile video technology partner be trying to make your budget go further by providing the latest technology and innovative approaches to fit the way your operation works?

tti's approach is to put our customer first and work with you to provide solutions to over come some of the challenges you are facing. As a result wouldn't it be good if you could have a mobile video camera system that is:


  • HD - High definition allows you to view the image on a large screen, zoom in, see the detail of what actually happened
  • How about a video camera system that can be moved to other buses in minutes - makes your budget go further
  • How about making installation so easy you don't have to pay installation costs 
  • How about a built in rotating screen that drops down to help in positioning the camera, and then folds out of the way
  • SD card video storage - no moving parts, and no heavy bulky harddrives to walk around the yard
  • A locking and vandleproof case
  • How about bulkhead mounting which allows the camera head to be repositioned in minutes if you require
  • IR illumination to help in poor light 
  • You need a company that will support you..tti is there to help with any software questions, set-up, training etc
  • O yes lets make the price more realistic - $390 for a whole sytem per bus, with locking mechanism $490 per bus...
  • And of cause you want to try the product before purchasing, no problem we will ship you a free no obligation Buddy NightOwl camera system to test for 2 weeks
  • Who else has bought from tti? well our school bus customers span right across North America - they have all benefited from the savings and the flexibility of our mobile video camera solutions





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