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How to choose a Fleet Dash Camera

Posted on February 20, 2017 at 7:15 PM

How to choose a Dash camera for your commercial fleet

With hundreds of dash cameras on the market it can be quite confusing on how to choose the right one for your fleet. So lets start from the begining. 99% of the dash cameras you see on the internet i.e Amazon etc and in retail stores like BestBuy etc are all designed for the consumer market. So what I here you say, why does that matter? Great question.....the difference with consumer dash cameras and those which fleets require is that the drivers change and the reasons for fitting a dash camera are different..let me explain

Consumer Dash camera

1. A consumer dash camera: Designed for a person to capture video of an aciident to prove that it was not their fault for the insurance company...That is the main reason they purchase a camera

Fleet Dash camera 

1. Unlike a member of the public in a car, if there in an accident the insuarnce company might do knock for knock etc....but for a truck that hits a car etc there is more likely to be a death or serious who are the greiving family with their lawyers coming after..yesyou've got it..your company. They want someone to pay for their loss and most of the courts will side with the greiving familify even if it was not your drivers fault

2. Most fleets have multiple drivers or contractors and driving standards vary enormously. Therefors cameras can help inprove the fleets over al standad and reduce accidents and litigation resulting in better insurance premiums

3, Most consumer Dash cameras are just one camera pointing at the raod ahead. Fleet owners typically would like an extra camera, looking at the driver, rear or in the cargo area.

4. Its typical for law enforcement to pull over trucking drivers and sometimes claim wrongfully that the driver did something and spot fine them. Who can argue with Law enforcement. If a Camera is seen by the Police person they can remove the SD card very easily from a consumer type dash camera so it becomes your word against their's....guess who wins?

So what should a fleet or commercial driver look for in a Dash Camera before buying

1. High definition you clear video and the ability to zoom in on licence plates. Ideal also for driver safety training etc

2. A tamperproof SD card lock..yes this protects the SD card from contractor drivers, law enforcement or any other unorthorised person from tampering with the video evidence...also in a court of law chain of evidence is critical and having the video protected stops lawyers claiming the evidence could have been tampered with

3. The ability of having a second camera positioned anywhere in the cab (to capture drivers on cell phones or fatigue) or to position externally in the cargo area or when reversing

4. A company that is there to support you...yes you can find cheap dash cameras online but please be warned..many are of poor quality,,they say one thing on the website but when you receive it in the post it does not meet the specification..this is quite you think you got a cheap deal but in fact you've wasted your money....also its extremely difficult to return them back to the manufactuer in China who no longer cares.

Picture of the Buddy Pro S this tamperproof SD card lock..the Buddy Pro D has a second camera attached to be placed internal or externally 

So basically the requirements for commercial vehicles is different to that of the consumer markets when purchasing a dash camera....Obviously TTI offers dash cameras with tamperproof locks (Buddy Pro S and Buddy Pro D), second cameras etc to meet the needs of the commercial fleet

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