Live Fleet Video Cameras & Tracking    

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About TTI Tracking Technology Inc. 

tti provides the latest in mobile video technology for public and private fleets.  tti is a privately held company with its head-office based in British Columbia (Canada). We sell to clients around the world and we provide our customers with the latest in fleet video technology.

Safety, Security & Savings - tti understands the economic pressures on running and maintaining a fleet in these economically challenging times. Your budget is stretched with very little left for installing mobile video cameras onto your fleet. This is why tti has developed mobile video cameras at more realistic pricing, and solutions that are easy to use, easy to install and easier on your budget. We are changing the industry view, (the days of the old big DVR under the drivers seat is numbered) one client at a time.

Don't Just Play the Game. Change the Game.

As a pioneer, partner and support provider, tti delivers mobile video solutions in three important ways.

  • Effective and Innovative Products - At tti we call it customer-driven ingenuity, because our products emerge from an effective partnership with our customers.  Groundbreaking products that deliver HD video quality, easy to use and easy to install
  • Affordable by Design - tti provides solutions that changes the game, using consumer technology (Massive scale of economies) rather than old antiquited and expensive DVRs which have been developed for a small minority market with huge development costs. Our solutions are also designed for flexibility i.e no extra installation costs, can move around the fleet in minutes with preinstalled mounts throughout the fleet.
  • Driven by Customer Satisfaction - You'll work with a capable and motivated group of people.  tti has earned exceptionally high customer loyalty by passing the toughest evaluations, exceeding expectations and demonstrating our dedication to service.
You can make big mobile video savings with tti without compromising on quality, ease of use and service