Live Fleet Video Cameras & Tracking    

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Buddy Pro
Unique HD Tamperproof 2 camera Dash Camera for Commercial Vehicles

Second camera can be positioned anywhere, either an internal or external IP69 waterproof camera

Built in SD card Lock, and add a second camera inside or waterproof camera externally

We've listened to you and are proud to offer our customers the new Buddy Pro series of high definition dash camera that has a tamper proof lock to prevent unauthorized access to the video stored on the SD card. Not only that we now offer a 2 camera version so you can place a second camera anywhere you like in or outside the vehicle.

Buddy BX4 HD - Attach 2 cameras (up to 4) & live monitor - 
Options include GPS, G-Sensor, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G  

The Buddy BX4 HD mobile digital video recorder is a compact, full-featured recording system that uses a SD card as a storage device. The Buddy BX4 HD system, used in conduction with a combination of cameras up to 4, records up to 4 channels of full-motion video and audio data to two class 10 SD card (128MB each). Large fleet operators can integrate live video and G-Sensor alerts with their onboard mobile terminals to have a fully integrated solution. 

The Buddy BX4 HD is ideal for those fleets looking for that bit extra that a conventional dash camera solution cannot provide...i.e live video, position up to 4 cameras any where you wish, internal/external